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Making History Come Alive

"Going outs" are a wonderful way to explore many of the events we study in history. Maria Montessori believed that children need to go outside of their classrooms to experience and soak up information about the topics that are covered in their lessons. Therefore, it was very fitting that the Green Meadow students went on an overnight trip to the Manitowoc Maritime Museum to sleep on a WWII submarine during their lessons about the Second World War.

First, the children watched a documentary about the 28 WWII subs that were built in Manitowoc. Then they climbed into the WWII sub, USS Cobia, and were given a tour through the submarine. They participated in a dive drill, explored many parts of the sub, including the inside of a missle launcher and the next morning, after sleeping in the same bunks that the crew had slept in during their missions, they were able to tour the Manitowoc Maritime Museum before heading back home to Racine.



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