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Lessons in Color

Step into our Primary classrooms and you will see the deep concentration of the children as they connect with their work. The daily observations of the teachers allows them to carefully prepare the environment to meet the needs of the children.

This project, in Sarah and Kathy’s classroom, began as a simple lesson in primary colors: red, yellow and blue. It blossomed into a wonderful exploration that spanned a month and filled their classroom and hallway with beautiful colors.

In the beginning, the color paint palette in class was limited to red, yellow and blue. Every few days the children learned how to mix a new color. They explored color mixing with food coloring, tempera paints and watercolors. The projects were added as their interest continued to grow and were set about all areas of the classroom including the language, science, sensorial, practical life and fine art areas.

The children painted a watercolor mosaic wall; they created chains and hung them up to make a rainbow entrance and rainbow room in the classroom. They spent time in the language area writing out all the names of the colors and labeled their work.


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