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Green Meadow at Nature's Classroom

On February 6th, our Upper Elementary students embarked on an amazing week-long adventure to Nature’s Classroom’s environmental program. After the cancellation of this annual trip last year due to COVID-19, they were so excited to once again venture out and explore all that this outdoor educational program has to offer.

As Montessori students, they have learned to appreciate all of the beauty and wonder in the world around them and we consider the opportunity to attend NCI as a valuable part of their school year curriculum.

Each student is assigned to a field group upon their arrival and together these groups explore the natural environment and participate in outdoor activities that interest them. They also have the chance to take part in simulations, choose afternoon classes on different topics and go on evening walks led by their group leaders.

The Green Meadow students enjoy the morning out in the winter sunshine.

Snow is the perfect canvas for creative art!

Indoor classes such as charcoal drawing

kept the children entertained.

There were plenty of wintertime activities to keep the children moving throughout the day.

The winter woods offered opportunities for tree climbing.


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